I’m going to kick this off by saying that sci-fi movies are going to have to wait a while for something truly special.  We’ve got some super hero movies coming out this summer, a reboot of an old Arnold sci-fi and a reboot of a failed graphic novel-to-movie on the line-up for the rest of the year.  The only thing that may be a surprise is Looper.  Bruce Willis is no stranger to sci-fi, delivering probably one of the best male characters in sci-fi ever in The Fifth Element.  With such a lack-luster year for the genre, Looper seems to be the only movie that could redeem 2012.

Next year though, we’re going to get a treat or two.  Elysium should be the biggest one on any sci-fi lovers radar.  Neil Blomkamp, with the help of Peter Jackson, delivered an amazing film with District 9.  Something different in the ‘present day aliens-on-earth’ realm.  He may just deliver another such hit given Elysiums futuristic dystopia setting.  Also on the radar should be The Prototype.  A movie coming from a no-name, first time writer/director to Hollywood can be a huge success, or major flop.  Given the action orientated trailer, yet man-to-machine plot, I’m going to keep my hopes high for this one.  Oblivion is also less than a year away.  One that I’ve been trying to get the buzz out.  Tom Cruise did a lot with Minority Report and even with Tron: Legacys failings, director Joseph Kosinski could pull off a lot if the writer provides.

Of course, there are the expected big ones for 2013.  Iron Man 3 and the Star Trek sequal.  So it seems we’re going to have a busy year, with probably plenty more I still haven’t heard about.

On to some other things!

Growing human bones is a big thing.  Given the right circumstances, it may be more beneficial to replace whole bones, rather than the hack and screw methods we’re used to fixing broken bones.

A new lunar rover is in the works with NASA and Canada.  This could be used for a variety of things, but since we’re so conflicted on whether we find water on the moon or not, I’d hope we use it to answer that question.

Everything you need to know on the European Extremely Large Telescope.  Seriously, if we’re going to find a planet with life on it, this guys going to do it.  Within the next 10-15 years, expect to have hard confirmation that Earth isn’t the only carrier of life in this vast universe.  But if you already think that, then you may want to consider the probabilities given we’re now estimating multiple planets per star.

In the future, our super smartphones may be able to go more than a day or two without a charge.  Maybe even weeks.  Thanks to some new research into lithium-air batteries.

I know it’s just a bunch of links, but I figured I needed to get something out there.  And it’s always good to spread the word.